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Welcome to YourCam – This page is constantly evolving as more and more of our customers come forward with ideas for the placement of cameras around their villas/properties. Our team at Samuiwebcam couldn't have imagined all the creative uses for our cameras so, if you have a suggestion please feel free to contact us.

• Villa View - Villa owners that have paying guests can link their camera to their rental site as a means of showing off the Villas beautiful view, capturing the fabulous Sunsets cascading over the mountains and sea. Sunset View is also popular with Villa owners that travel or work away from Samui as "an incentive to work hard and get back there as soon as they can!"

• Site Monitoring – Do you have building work in progress or expensive equipment on your grounds? If so, our site cameras can be fixed to point at these areas for peace of mind, or in the case of 'building work' keep you updated daily on the progress of the work.

• Garden View – A very popular view, after all one should be able to admire the work, creativity and time spent on creating a fabulous sitting area for their own personal enjoyment; as a selling point for a rented Villa.

• The Pet Area – The camera points at a 'pet area' so clients can keep an eye on their pets activities while they are away. Handy for young pets, peace of mind or to understand the behaviour of the animal.

"Creativity is contagious, pass it on."

-Albert Einstein